Sometimes off-the-field moves can have a large effect on fantasy. This could be true of the current bankruptcy declaration by the Texas Rangers. Though officials claim that this move will not affect the day to day functions of the team, I am skeptical. Sure, it may not stop the team's attempt to win games, but it will surely affect the attitude in the clubhouse. Who knows what will happen when the team comes under new management. Will there be a fire-sale of current talent? Will the manager be replaced? Will other positions be under review? All of these questions are left to be answered with the current state of the Texas Rangers. 

The move may also prevent the Rangers from procuring a fantasy stud and ace pitcher from their in-state rival. Roy Oswalt, the gem of the lowly Houston Astros, has said he will waive his no trade clause to play for a contender this season. Oswalt has already drawn interest from the Tigers, but seems to fit nicely within the Rangers rotation. Unfortunately, the transitional mindset of the club may cause them to miss out on the opportunity to trade for him. Oswalt could be the missing piece that the Rangers need to capture the AL West crown for the first time in the 21st century. 

The only redeeming quality of this bankruptcy is the fact that it is a voluntary move, being made largely to clear the way for an outright sale of the club. A group of investors led by former Rangers pitcher and all-time strikeout leader Nolan Ryan looks to be the prospective buyer at around $575 million. Rangers fans adore Ryan and will seemingly welcome his ownership just two years after his return to the club as team president. 

This seemingly typical business deal has been cast into a negative light because of the stigma surrounding bankruptcy. While the deal is a mere changing of the guard on the business side, it could bring a transition in the front office and possibly in the dugout. These questions could plague the Rangers for the rest of the season, affecting team performance and the ability to land stud pitcher Roy Oswalt even if he waives his no trade clause.

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